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All Purpose Plumbers Kit

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All Purpose Plumbers Kit

An emergency leak stopper kit, contains products to cover most repairs to pipes, gutters even toilet systems, easy to use products and a must for all maintenance departments.

  • Repair Straps - A unique system which can be used over and over again.
  • Repair Bandage - An emergency leak stopper designed for all pipe work and most types of leaks.
  • Power Tape - Works in conjunction with Repair Bandage to stop the flow of fluid before application of the bandage. Ideal for sealing external cable ducts, rubber hoses, etc
  • Mini Hand Wipes - The ultimate in Hand wipes gives protection against Weil's Disease, can be used to clean down machine parts, ideal for painting prep. Leaves hands clean and fresh.
  • Aquabond - ideal for emergencies, simply cut mix and apply to surface, can be drilled, filed, taped, ground, sanded and painted, repairs cracked tiles, sanitary systems etc.
  • Flexible Rubber U W - Designed for sealing gaps and cracks in a whole range of substrates, it as the ability to work under water and as tremendous resistance to chemicals.